Case Study #3: Application of Leading Practices in Healthcare

Posted Dec 1st, 2015 in Case Studies

Case Study #3: Application of Leading Practices in Healthcare

Project: Application of leading practices for Supply Chain Management to regional healthcare


A group of 18 hospitals had the objective of leveraging their combined purchases of supplies and services to achieve lower costs. Stakeholders were unable to agree on the required infrastructure, systems or governance mechanisms to move forward with a Transformation initiative.

Key Considerations:

  • The firm worked with CFO’s in the 18 hospitals to assemble a viable business case, providing an independent perspective that enabled group consensus on costs and expected benefits.
  • The firm worked with a subcommittee of the project sponsors to define a viable governance mechanism for the future state
  • Definition of future roles and required skills for the recommended General Manager and functional Directors. Participated with Board members on selection committee.

Results Achieved:

After 6 months, 16 of the 18 hospitals signed a memorandum of understanding, signifying their agreement to the proposed business case and funding model. The project was subsequently implemented in 2009.

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